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Avaya IP Office Release 9.1
New Features, Changes

Avaya IP Office Release 9.1 new featuresWith the release of Avaya IP Office Release 9.1, Telephone Magic Inc. has had many questions asked about the new modules, software, updates, mobility, and general new features. Below you will find a list of questions and answers which should help./p>

What's New with Avaya IP Office Release 9.1?

The features listed below are available worldwide unless otherwise specified. Not all of the features in IP Office Release 9.1 are supported on all platforms and phones - please see each feature's description for more information.

IP Office Select

IP Office Server Edition is now available in a "Select" offer that combines higher scalability, enhanced resiliency and sophisticated applications, including:

  • Premium Server Edition offer, increasing the addressable market with 3000 users, 100% Unified Communication (UC) across 150 sites
  • Extensive resiliency options
  • Continued low total cost of ownership and simplicity for mid-market
  • Non-Select Server Edition also available

Note: All systems within the solution must be licensed the same: either Select or non-Select. Select is not supported on Basic, Essential or Preferred editions. Server Edition Select Licenses are required to activate new capacities and functionality. For more information on capacity, see Deploying Avaya IP Office Platform Server Edition.

IP Office 9.1 Key Features and Enhancements

  • Resiliency Improvements
  • User Capacity and Scalability Improvements
  • Increased Expansion Nodes
  • Increased Voicemail Pro Capacity
  • Hunt Group Capacity and Processing Improvement
  • Increased Conference Port Capacity
  • Increased SIP Trunk Session Capacity
  • Increased Small Community Network (SCN) Channel Capacity
  • Increased SoftConsole Capacity
  • Increased Busy Hour Call Completion (BHCC) Capacity
  • Expansion System SCN Links
  • Location Resilience
  • Automatic Fall back Recovery
  • New Unified Communications Module (UCM V2)
  • Answer Supervision Analog/ATM4 trunks
  • Enable SIP third-party endpoints to be members of page groups
  • Location-based time zones
  • FSK Message Wait Indicator (MWI) support to analog extensions
  • Speed dial/Directory to override barring
  • Set MWI on SIP extension from short codes or CTI
  • DECT R4 resiliency
  • India toll bypass restriction enhancement to Restrict Network Interconnect for the India locale (default)
  • Localization and locale settings for Phillipines, Czech Republic, Korea and Japan
  • SIP service provider trunk enhancements
  • New diagnostics
  • Automated on-boarding and SSL/VPN related enhancements
  • Expanded communications accessibility support
  • MWI for another mailbox on a programmable button
  • Make authorization codes generally available
  • Call forwarding for hunt groups
  • Add override restriction/barring option for each entry
  • Support enhancements:
    • Voice quality monitoring
    • SNMP full qualified domain name (FQDN)
    • Free text descriptions in Manager ARS and trunk configuration areas
  • SIP Line user interface simplification and line silence suppression
  • IP DECT line resiliency
  • NoCallerid alarm can now be suppressed
  • Call barring can be overridden for numbers entered in the external directory
  • Toll Bypass Prevention default added for preventing India toll bypass
  • Web Collaboration added to user configuration
  • Analog Trunk VAD setting added for answer and disconnect supervision
  • Third-party voice quality monitoring enabled to send RTCP data to a third-part QoS monitoring application
  • Enable remote working with SIP phones using Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise
  • Enable to disable system-wide outcalling on Voicemail Pro
  • Authorization code enhancements:
    • Authorization codes are now enabled by default
    • SMDR field 19 shows not applicable regardless of whether an authorization code is used
    • Authorization codes can no longer be associated with user rights. Instead, they are associated with users
  • SIP Registrar Enable setting changes can now be merged without a system reboot
  • New Alarms:
    • Log stamped
    • CPU warning/critical
    • Memory use warning/critical

This is just a short list of product enhancements. For the full list, please view the document below.

Avaya IP Office Release 9.1 Documentation:

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