Avaya IP Office Voicemail Pro

Voicemail Pro builds on the features and facilities offered by Voicemail Lite, can be tailored to meet the individual needs of a business and can scale up to 30 simultaneous calls if required.

Voicemail Pro allows message handling for individuals or groups, provides information to callers, assisting the operator during periods of heavy call activity and more by including a powerful voice processing system and an easy to use graphical user interface - the 'Voicemail Pro Manager'. Voicemail messages can be integrated into a user's email box and dealt with as any email message. Through the use of Text To Speech facilities users can be provided with access to their voice and email messages through the telephone whilst in the office or remotely when away from the office.

A single Voicemail Pro server (PC-based) can provide voicemail services to multiple IP Office systems over the LAN, WAN or a Frame Relay network. This is referred to as 'Centralized Voicemail' and can reduce costs, whilst facilitating communication between IP Office sites.

The Voicemail Pro Manager application also allows far more to be achieved than just guiding a user to the group or extension they require. It allows Voicemail Pro to dial back users, internally or externally, as soon as a voicemail message is left for them. It provides security, by prompting for a PIN code should a user wish to change their Forwarding or Follow Me number from an external telephone.

Other uses for Voicemail Pro include Whisper Announce which prompts callers for information (usually their name) which is recorded and passed on to the user's extension (if free), allowing them to choose to accept the call or not. This is particularly useful on "CLI/ANI withheld" numbers - usually calls from telesales companies where somebody is trying to sell you something. Voicemail Pro will not intrude onto busy extensions.

Assisted Transfer allows transfer of a call to a destination, but allows the call to return to Voicemail Pro automatically for other options should the called party be engaged, or not answer within a pre-determined time.

By testing conditions (such as whether out-of-hours), calls can be routed depending on system or user-definable criteria. Conditions are constructed from a set of basic elements. These elements can be combined within a single condition to create complex rules. For example, the Week Planner can be used to define the company's standard working hours, and then combined with the calendar to define exception days such as public holidays / vacation.

Voicemail Pro also offers the concept of modules. Modules allow you to create sequences of actions that you want to share between a number of different call routing scenarios. These modules can be used to create a library of vertical voicemail applications or just easy dissemination to other IP Office voicemail sites, thanks to its import and export functionality.

Voicemail Pro can also trigger external actions such as activating the external relays on the IP Office. For example, remotely checking the status of the office heating and then turning it on from your Mobile/Cell Phone on your drive in to work.

Voicemail Pro provides the ability to allow a caller to select the language in which they require the system to respond in.

Finally, a Speaking Clock, that takes its time from the Voicemail server, is built into Voicemail Pro to minimize call charges.

* NOTE: A PC Server is required for Avaya IP Office Voice Mail Pro. This PC is not provided with the purchase of the Voice Mail Pro licenses and can be user provided (with minimum specifications met) or is sold seperately.

** NOTE: To run Avaya IP Office Voice Mail Pro you must upgrade from IP Office Standard Edition to IP Office Professional Edition software.

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Product Description
Avaya IP Office 500/400 Voice Mail Pro RFA - Upgrades Voice Mail Lite to Pro*
Avaya IP Office 500/400 - Upgrade to Professional Edition IP Office software**
Avaya IP Office 500/400 Voice Mail Pro 2-Port License
Avaya IP Office 500/400 Voice Mail Pro 4-Port License
Avaya IP Office 500/400 Voice Mail Pro 8-Port License
Avaya IP Office 500/400 Voice Mail Pro 16-Port License

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